International Conference
«management OF LARGE-SCALE




Trapeznikov Institute of

Control Sciences,
Russian Academy of Sciences,

65, Profsoyuznaya St., 117997, Moscow, Russia.
tel.: +7 (495) 334-9169/

irstepan@ipu.rssi.ru/                  kuzn@ipu.rssi.ru





The Sixth International Conference  

«Management of Large-scale System Development»

(Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences (ICS),

 1 September – 2 October, 2013)


1. Main subjects:

·      Problems of management of development of large-scale system including IC, State holdings, and State corporations.

·    Methods and instrumental facilities for managing investment projects and programs.

·      Simulation and optimization in the problems of managing development of large-scale systems.

·        Management of fuel-and-power, transportation, and other systems.

·        Management of atomic engineering objects and other objects of the raised danger.

·      Data and software support of management systems of large-scale production.

·      Monitoring in the problems of management of large-scale systems.


2.     Program Committee

·      Academician S.N.Vasil'ev, ICS RAS director, Chairman

·      Dr. A.N.Tsvirkun, Vice-chairman

·      Academician A.A.Makarov

·      Academician V.L.Makarov

·      Corresponding Member R.S.Greenberg

·      Corresponding Member V.V.Ivanter

·      Corresponding Member V.I.Danilov-Danil'an

·      Corresponding Member Yu.S.Popkov

·      Corresponding Member A.F. Rezchikov

·      Corresponding Member V.I.Salygin

·      Corresponding Member V.I.Suslov

·      Corresponding Member D.A.Novikov, ICS RAS deputy director

·      Dr. M.N.Uzyakov

·      Dr. V.N. Burkov

·      Dr. B.A.Erznkyan

·      Dr. V.G.Varnavsky          

·      Dr. S.S.Goncharenko

·      Dr. F.V.Veselov

·      Prof. F.I.Ereshko

·    Dr. A.A.Dorofeyuk

·      Dr. I.B.Yadykin

·      Dr. A.G.Poletikin

·      Dr. V.I.Volkov 

·      Dr. V.G.Lebedev

·      Dr. I.A.Stepanovskaya 

·      Academician S.D.Bushuev, Ukraine

·      Academician A.A.Ashimov, Kazakhstan

·      Academician A.A.Kadyrov, Uzbekistan

·      Academician G.F.Florin, Romania

·      Dr. R.Kulikovsky, Poland


3.     Invitation

Requests for participation should be sent to the Conference Organizing Committee to irstepan@ipu.rssi.ru, or kuzn@ipu.rssi.ru not later than June 15, 2013. If you intend to submit a paper, then please send its thesis in Russian or English not later than June 15, 2013 to the MLSD’2013 Organizing Committee by e-mail to

 syrych@ipu.rssi.ru, or kuzn@ipu.rssi.ru.

Additional information can be found at the Internet address http://mlsd2013.ipu.ru


Registration fee if paid not later than July 15, 2013:

*        for the Russian and CIS citizens – 1505 rub. (VAT included),

*        for the foreign citizens  105 USD.

After July 15 the fee will be, respectively, 1805 rub., and  125 USD. The registration fee is paid by the foreign citizens in rubles at the rate of the Russian Central Bank for the date of payment. The fee includes preparation and holding of Conference, publication of the Conference program and proceedings, leasing of the conference hall and clerical aids, information expenditures, organization of a fourchette party.

The Organizing Committee